Why is 4 hours the magical quantity for an

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Why is 4 hours the magical number for an erection becoming dangerous?

Like, why 4 hours specifically? Why is a 3 hour erection okay but 5 hours isn’t? Was there some sort of study on dangerous erection duration?

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  • As with a lot of medical stuff, the number is approximate, not exact. Somebody did some research and came up with a rough graph of how much the risk of injury goes up over time. Then they picked 4 hours as a time that’s long enough to be a clear sign of danger, but early enough that they can catch and treat the problem before there’s a high risk of serious damage.

  • It’s an average. If mine lasted two hours, I’d go to the ER. The blood pooling in your penis stagnates. The solution is to jab a large needle into your penis and drain it. There are some horror stories on r/AskReddit under the threads similar to “Medical workers, whats your worst sex injury?”

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