• Reduce plastic waste and meat intake. Do your own research and be open to ideas/lifestyles you might feel like you reject now.

    Also, don’t have any kids until the orphanages are clear and humanity is almost extinct

  • Recycle. Not use plastic, reuse items. Plant things, have a garden for you seasonings. Don’t litter. Use your car less if you can or carpool. Encourage those around you to do the same.

  • Stop having as many babies. Condoms save he environment. Try to protest and promote green companies. It’s not the little guys fault for everything. Big corporations are the ones adding carbon to the air and polluting the rivers.

  • Reduce what you buy. Choose to buy what will last and maintain it.

    Support and get involved with causes locally – go micro instead of macro- you can see the impact 🙂

  • Besides all the relatively small things you could do to reduce your side of the problem mentioned by other redditors, the best thing you can do is convince others to do them too.

    Just your reduction of plastic usage isn’t that much. Sure, it helps, but does it really have an impact? However, if you can convince ten people to do the same, that means you just reduced the plastic usage of eleven people in total. And if all of them do the same, it would be one hundred and eleven people. And if they do the same, and so on.

    While your actions themselves are good, getting others to do the same is what really makes an impact.

  • Reduce energy and resource usage. Your body works around 100-200 Watts of energy per day.
    Turn lights off. A common lightbulb uses 40 to 100W. So leaving few lights on is basically wasting energy generated by an entire person. To generate, person needs to eat and move and live, so technically with your lazy lights, you’re taking up resources for several people, not only yourself.

    Use gas stove instead of microwave, broom instead of vacuum cleaner, bicycle or train instead of car etc. Buy in bulk so have less trips to store and back. And of course, stop the dreaded habit of buying water in plastic bottles. Tap water is perfectly fine in majority of developed world. Unless you live in Flint, Michigan, there’s no real excuse. And if water is bad, instead of buying it in plastic bottles, start standing for your right to have potable water and go tear down the city hall.

    Also, most insane thing you see daily is a lone person driving in a car. Any common car has *at least* seats for 5 people! Five. 80% more. We could get rid of 80% – if not more – of passenger cars if people carpooled. Imagine how many that is (about 800 000). How it would cut down emissions, traffic, need for roads, noise, etc. And any excuses to not carpool would go too if you actually did it. City planning would change in result so carpooling made more sense. Civilization is built by how people actually use it, not to force them to use it in particular way.

    This is very much in the area of “ordinary people” and “ACTUALLY”.

  • Eat no, or at least way less meat. I think about 80% from pollution/global warming etc comes from mwat production, so like if every person just ate no meat just one less day a week, that would help so fucking much. Being completely or mostly vegetarian is ofc the best choice

    Idk about being vegan, i heard that vegan food production is actually really bad for nature and also the workers involved. Personally i‘m vegetarian, look out for plastic usage, recycling, not throwing away so much food, and driving the car less. Always always clean up after u ofc, never leave trash anywhere etc. Try to donate a little every now and then to good causes that help clean up the world, save turtles, or such

  • Live close enough to where you (and your spouse, if any) work, to minimize the carbon footprint of your commute(s), regardless of how those commutes happen.

    Reuse and recycle as much as you can; throw out less trash. Try to keep it to biodegradable garbage and paper products if possible, recycling everything else. Now if only there actually was a place within three hours’ drive that actually took dead batteries…

    Use rechargeable batteries (this is ultimately cheaper, too)

    Heat your home efficiently. Replacement windows, plastic covers in the winter, even heavy drapes, as well as repairing drafts all contribute to this. Also lower your thermostat and bundle up a bit. Do without or with less AC in the summer, if you can. Things like swamp coolers and just setting up proper air flow in your home can help a lot, sometimes, depending on the place. Even a whole bunch of fans use less power than a single air conditioner.

    If you do drive, drive the smallest vehicle that meets your needs, and keep it for as long as its maintenance costs aren’t skyrocketing (i.e., as long as it doesn’t require rew, significant repairs all the time).

    Cut up plastic rings from 6-packs if you throw them out. Avoid using plastic grocery bags, get less of them, or at least recycle and reuse them for something (like used cat litter) if you do get them.

    Unfortunately, eating less meat is also a thing, much as I hate to admit it. Less seafood helps a great deal; we’re almost out of that, as you can tell by the prices. After that, in order of decreasing impact to the environment, reduce consumption of beef, lamb/pork, or poultry.

    Consider having things repaired instead of replacing them, depending on what it is. Obviously don’t take chances with your safety, but any manufactured product repaired is one less that needs to be manufactured, shipped, and stored.

  • Vote. Volunteer for organizations that work to change environmental policy. Donate to them, if you can spare some money. But also, the biggest and most underrated thing: RUN FOR OFFICE. Changes significant enough to ACTUALLY save the planet can only come from structural, political, governmental change. The only way to change the power structures that can affect it is by having people inside it that are willing to create those changes.

    Running for office is a difficult and risky endeavour, more so the higher the office you run for. But there are organizations that can help you figure the beginnings of it out. They won’t do the work for you, but they can help you know which is the right direction to go.

  • Alone? Fuck all, best you could do is kill a ton of people and then your self (for the “health of the planet” in relation to humans) as that stops them and your self from emitting carbon. With others? You can organize, work with others and take direct action, pop tires, block roads, tie your selves to heavy equipment.

  • Stop using insecticides. No more anti bug spray, reduce chemicals in your garden to 0, there are always less harmful alternatives. And plant flowers, anything to help the insect population as they will otherwise be mostly extinct before the end of the century.

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