Welcome To The Cutest Location On Earth – The Rabbit Island In Japan

Do you love lovely furry animals? we have identified the ideal position for you! 

Found in eastern Hiroshima, Rabbit Island is a modest enclave occupied by hundreds of wild rabbits that roam the forests and fields, chasing travellers for food items. Japan is just not small of areas with mythical tales and incredible historical past, but Rabbit Island is unquestionably a single of the most abnormal.Regardless of the nickname usagi-shima (Rabbit Island), thanks to the hundreds of wild rabbits in the spot, the island of Okunoshima in the Seto Inland Sea has a darkish heritage dating back to 1929. The governing administration constructed a massive toxic fuel creation facility on the island. The facilities were ruined soon after the defeat in Environment War II, but these days city explorers can go to some deserted buildings. To convey back peace, it is thought that schoolchildren produced rabbits onto the island, and around the previous 50 a long time, they have reproduced at a terrific level, finally conquering the island. Sign up for us for a tour on the island. 

Welcome To The Cutest Place On Earth - The Rabbit Island In Japan

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