Teen Fights Off Significant Chook Seeking to Decide Up and Fly Off With Her Small Yorkie Puppy dog

What commenced like any standard Friday night immediately escalated to something considerably much more traumatic for Cecilia Celis and her dog Lulu. “We have been within earning tacos, and we hear crying. We just hear them barking and crying, so we are like ‘oh they’re just perform fighting’ and a second later on, I just appear outside. We see a massive fowl fly up, and I yell at the chook, ‘get off my pet! Get off my dog!” Celis points out. Surveillance online video from Celis’home exhibits her dashing outdoors to her two-pound Yorkie who was in the talons of a massive chook, perhaps a hawk. Lulu survived the chicken attack without the need of sustaining really serious injuries. Courageous Lady! 

Teen Fights Off Large Bird Trying to Pick Up and Fly Off With Her Tiny Yorkie Puppy

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