Are dinosaurs a lot less well-known now?

Funny Clone No Stupid Questions Are dinosaurs less popular now?

Are dinosaurs less popular now?

When I was a kid, I felt like dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures were more popular in society. There seemed to be more documentaries on them and an overall higher public interest. It’s either that or as I’ve grown older dinosaurs have just been going under my radar.

Maybe I just grew up in a dinosaur boom when new dinosaur finding technology came out and there was lots of new information on them, so more documentaries were put on.

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  • When you were a kid, there were reasons for you to hear about dinosaurs, because most literature about dinosaurs is for kids. Whether it be fiction or science class, there’s not much reason for people to market dinosaurs to adults outside of Jurassic Park movies.

  • I love dinosaurs.. I’ve found bones, I’ve even kept pet chickens and watch them and try to picture them as their great great grandparents… the dinosaurs.
    However people are now more fascinated with robots and such it seems.

  • They’re still popular. My daughter loves them and there are girl clothes with dinosaurs on them now. When I was growing up dinosaurs were only a boy thing and I would be running around in boy shirts just because they had dinosaurs on them.

  • The documentary thing, learning about them in school, etc. might have something to do with modern scientific breakthroughs, eg that dinosaurs were very likely feathered and not actually reptiles (this does not just apply to velociraptor). It kinda ruins the wonder from a documentary standpoint to, at the end, be like “oh btw we’re pretty sure this is all bullshit now but it’s still nice to dream, right?”

  • I have a 6 year old brother and hes super into dinosaurs. He can name some that even I or my father don’t know

  • My kids love dinosaurs. Just like you and I did as kids. But your parents really didn’t give a shit, even if they pretended to.

  • I mean, Pixar’s Dinosaur movie didn’t sell so well, but Fallen Kingdom became one of the most financial successful movies ever.

  • Dunno man my girlfriend loves em and it’s adorable. Don’t know if it answers your question but there’s at least one person

  • Yes, dinosaurs are less popular right now than they were in the 80’s and 90’s. This doesn’t mean, of course, that dinosaurs are out of the public consciousness; far from it. Dinosaurs captivate our imaginations with an ancient world of monsters and giants that I don’t think will ever fade from popularity completely, but it’s certainly not as prevalent as it used to be at the moment. It’s possible some major scientific breakthrough or discovery or box office smash hit will put dinosaurs back on the map in a big way someday, but right now people are simply more interested in other things.

  • Robots can kill dinosaurs havent you watched power rangers i mean its obvious when you actually. fucking. think about it for once.

  • At the time of Jurassic World’s release four years ago it became the third highest grossing film of all time. So yes dinosaurs are popular. I think we’re just getting older and thinking of dinosaurs less.

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